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The South Belt-Ellington Chamber of Commerce is committed to advance the economic growth, welfare and success of the businesses in and around the South Belt-Ellington area.


To ensure South Belt-Ellington is a great place to live, work,and do business

Core Values


The Chamber is thankful to represent our members, to show we care about them and to positively impact our community.  We understand how another person’s experiences and feelings impacts their perspective.


The Chamber is the voice of the business community, working to remove barriers to business progress and promoting opportunity for business success.


The chamber believes we succeed when we work together—businesses, communities, and government. The power of team effort and partnerships is stronger than any individual effort.


 The Chamber welcomes and nurtures a diverse membership from all political, ethnic, religious and cultural backgrounds. We serve as a forum where businesspeople from these various backgrounds can come together and work on real solutions for the betterment of the businesses and the community they serve.


The Chamber approaches and fulfills our duties with enthusiasm and a positive attitude.  We are driven by the belief that business can affect positive change for our community, our city, our county and beyond.

About the Chamber

Since 1984, The South Belt-Ellington Chamber has helped local companies grow their businesses, improve the quality of life and promote South Belt-Ellington as a great place to live, work and do business.

We are a member driven organization with a Board of Directors and volunteer committees that work collaboratively toward growing healthy businesses and improving our community.  With the support and commitment of our members, volunteers and committees, the Chamber works daily to provide programs, services, advocacy and events that give our members a great value for their investment.

There is a reason why so many generations of family and friends want to live in the South Belt-Ellington area.


The South Belt-Ellington Chamber of Commerce officially was kicked off with an October 1984 dinner, but the start of the chamber actually came five years earlier. The first recommendation of a South Belt Area Chamber of Commerce came from then Texas Commerce Bank president, Steve Spencer. Spencer suggested to Marie Flickinger, publisher of the South Belt-Ellington Leader, that a chamber should be started in the area. Flickinger’s response was one that has been repeated many times since then: “What’s a chamber going to do for this area?”

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